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A guided tour for school groups certainly differs from the classic excursions for adults.

With decades of experience, our goal is definitely to capture the attention of students.

Every visit we make has a story to tell and we do not mean the one written in books but the relationship between the leadership and the “customer”, the tourist guide is not a professor, but a figure that serves as a liaison between the local culture and who passes through it.

For this reason we are prepared for a “special clientele” that has surely special features and highly specific requirements.

We provide student guided tours throughout Campania Region for students, preparing educational tours for all levels schools.

  • Pompeii ruins.
  • Herculaneum ruins.
  • Archaeological Museum of Naples.
  • 3D movie of Pompeii and Herculaneum.
  • Visit to the Solfatara of Pozzuoli and Cuma.
  • Excursion to Capri.
School Group in Pompeii
School Group in Naples
School Group in Pompeii Ruins

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School Group

School Group
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