Sorrento Excursions

Sorrento Excursions

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Food and Wine Tour Sorrento

A Food and Wine Tour to discover the flavors of Sorrento and Campania Region

Eating well is the expectation of any traveller who is in Italy, Guide Sorrento organizes wine and gastronomy tours, to discover all these timeless flavours.

Whatever is your budget, you can choose from our selection of restaurants that we chosed for you, offering different menus based on regional products, attentive to the specific needs to each customer, sure to please even the most difficult palate.

Our experience and our good taste will guide you through a friendly and tasty Italy! There are lots of pizzerias, several starred restaurants and some taverns in the hills of the Sorrento which on Sunday are filled up with families with a very strong culinary tradition (sitting at the table for 4/5 hours!).

The pizza in Sorrento is different from the Neapolitan one, then you should try them both and, why not, let us know what you liked most. Among the local products not to be missed are: Limoncello, Lemon Delight, Caprese, Provolone del Monaco, Walnut of Sorrento and Mozzarella Cheese.

We organize Food and Wine Tour in Sorrento and surroundings, accompanying you to the discovery of all these timeless flavors.

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